Hobo With a Shotgun

As SXSW winds down, it's time to reflect on all the movies that kept audiences awake past bedtime, notably the 10 Midnight features divided between the "Midnighters" and "SXFantastic" sidebars. It was an unusually strong collection of films that stirred up vigorous debate among viewers. Which ones stood out? Which ones may be coming soon to a theater near you?

Films with Pre-Fest Distribution:

'Hobo With a Shotgun'

Pardon me for saying the obvious, but this movie is a blast, a huge slice of rowdy, rousing action. Rutger Hauer plays the titular hobo. "In an era of too much campy self-awareness, too many grindhouse homages, and too much blood-for-blood's-sake, 'HWAS' is a breath of fresh, sleazy air," our own Eric D. Snider wrote from Sundance. "First-time director Jason Eisener, expanding on the fake trailer that he and writer John Davies made in 2007 as part of a contest, takes exactly the right tone, straddling the line between imitation and parody."

The film will be available on demand (via various providers) on April 1 before hitting select theaters starting on May 6. More information is available at the official site.

After the jump: Three more that now have distribution, prospects for the other six, plus trailers -- all NSFW!
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Hobo With a Shotgun
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Hoping for heaven but finding an urban hell, a homeless man (Rutger Hauer) takes aim at a crime boss... Read More