The slacker character has grown from being background comic relief to the lead role. The upcoming film 'Your Highness,' for example, stars Danny McBride as Thaddeus, a prince who prefers boozing and smoking it up to ruling the kingdom. Judd Apatow has built an entire comedy franchise around the slacker, and Seth Rogen is an A-list star because of it. We're not here to degrade the slacker, but to celebrate the character with our own top 8 list. (Originally, we wanted to do a top 10 list, but we felt coming up short seemed appropriate.)

Note: Readers may have issues with some of our omissions. With so many options out there, we only picked those who accomplish almost nothing in their films. That ruled out the likes of 'Bill & Ted' and Wayne and Garth, who have slacker personae but actually get a lot done. We also considered the motivation for slack. If the character is simply a pothead, that didn't warrant a spot. The laziness had to run deeper than that.
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Your Highness
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Prince Thadeous (Danny McBride) has always lived his life in the shadow of his brother, the heir apparent,... Read More

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