Well, it's official: Ben Wheatley is Mike Leigh with a far bigger set of huevos. The man's naturalistic approach gave his directorial debut, 'Down Terrace,' a dark comedy about a crime family, surprising dramatic heft, and with his follow-up, 'Kill List,' Wheatley takes his filmmaking in even bolder directions.

Jay (Neil Maskell) hasn't worked in eight months, and his unemployment and general lack of social graces are taking its toll on his marriage to Shel (MyAnna Buring). His pal Gal (Michael Smiley) has an assignment, though, if Jay wants it -- local work this time -- and after a particularly heated dinner party, Jay decides that maybe getting himself out of the house and back into the swing of things would be for the best.

It seems fair to say that Jay and Gal happen to be hitmen, and that the "Kill List" of the title is their target roster; to reveal much more would be criminal, as it becomes steadily apparent that our two professionals may be in over their heads with this particular assignment.