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First, let's state the obvious: Hollywood loves franchises. They love creating them. They love running them into the ground as they prance about on the original source's grave, tossing box office earnings to and fro. They love rebooting old fare with new life so that they live on, and on, and on like a soul-sucking Energizer Bunny.

Sadly, there are so many remakes in the works right now that an entire post could be filled just listing them. Superheroes have it the worst -- reboots coming only a few years after initial stabs with Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk and The X-Men -- but that's just the start. Today, almost every film of the past is being considered for a reboot or sequel.

Second, there's the issue this has led to: A feverish. try and try again obsession. If failure bubbles out of a once-respected franchise or film, it no longer means death. The idea might get shelved for a year or two, but inevitably, the world bubbles up again. We saw The Incredible Hulk get two treatments in five years, both of which needed the foreign box office to even cover their production budget, and now we're awaiting a third Hulk appearance in 'The Avengers.' Luckily, Bruce Banner is being thrown into a larger mix of crime-fighting talent, but this risk is also compounded by Joss Whedon, 'The Avengers' director -- a geek King whose only directorial feature couldn't make back its budget with its worldwide box office.

This perseverance and risk taking, mixed with an obsessive need to reboot old fare, would suggest that it's the perfect time to be a woman in Hollywood. But wait -- where are the femme-led, sex-changed reboots?
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