Stand By Me

Every week, we sift through all the new Blu-ray releases and single out the "must see" titles. Look for the column every Monday. This week: Nostalgia, relationships ... and aliens!

Our Top 5 Picks for This Week: What to Buy or Rent

1. 'Stand By Me.' A nostalgic look back at four friends in small town Oregon, circa 1959. DVD upgrade. Buy.

2. 'How Do You Know.' Romantic comedy lambasted by critics, so of course it's a must see. New to home video. Buy.

3. 'Our Hospitality.' Buster Keaton stars in a slapstick classic about a New Yorker who heads out West and falls for the wrong girl. DVD upgrade. Rent.

4. 'Skyline.' Another critically-drubbed flick that deserves a kinder second look. Besides, it has aliens! New to home video. Rent.

5. 'The Sandlot.' Another nostalgic look back, this time to 1962 Los Angeles as a new kid in the neighborhood tries to fit in. One of Cinematical's Summer Scenes We Love. DVD upgrade. Rent.
How Do You Know
Based on 38 critics

A woman becomes caught in a love triangle involving a baseball player and a businessman. Read More

Our Hospitality
Not Yet Rated1923
In Theaters on July 20th, 2001

A McKay (Buster Keaton) saves a Canfield (Natalie Talmadge), ending a family feud. Read More

Stand By Me
In Theaters on August 8th, 1986

Boy (Wil Wheaton) and buddies go on hike to find dead body in 1959. Read More