After ten years and eight films, principal photography on the 'Harry Potter' film series is over and done with. What was the final scene shot for Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, who have literally grown up before our very eyes on film? Was it part of the final, epic showdown with Lord Voldemort and his forces? Was it a quiet, emotional and introspective scene? Maybe even that infamous epilogue that still divides fans?

Nah. It's the three of them running in front of a green screen and jumping off camera onto a mattress. Luckily, cameras were on hand to capture this pivotal moment from behind the scenes.

You don't schedule a film shoot based on what would be the most fitting or dramatic scene to end production on. You schedule a film shoot based on convenience, time and money, meaning that the long journey for this trio of actors ended on a large, crowded soundstage, with them battling obvious exhaustion and pretending that they were in some sort of exotic fantasy location. Movie magic!

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