Ever make fan videos of yourself lip-synching some popular tunes? If you did, you probably never took it to this level. Pixar employee Nick Pitera has been recording himself singing pop music and Disney songs for years on YouTube. Now he's collected clips from a number of popular Disney songs to create an epic video medley -- 'One Man Disney Movie.' He filmed six versions of himself singing through the medley as six key people -- the heroine, the hero, the sidekick, the villain and two people from the chorus.

Then, taking a cue from 'The Brady Bunch,' he split-screened them all together into one video, where each segment not only plays their part, but occasionally interacts with the rest. What's truly awesome is that this isn't the result of a bunch of quick-cut editing. Each frame plays out as one long piece, so there's a whole lot of planning that went into this one piece of Mouse House fun.

Hit the jump and check it out for yourself.
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