"Jean-Luc Godard once said, 'All you need to make a great movie is a girl and a gun.' And that's definitely my approach to filmmaking."
-- Paul W.S. Anderson

Welcome to part two of Cinematical's interview with Paul W. S. Anderson (here's part one)! After 'Shopping' got the attention of Hollywood industry types, Anderson kicked off his mainstream career with 'Mortal Kombat.' From there, his path led him towards bigger and even more sci-fi/action-infused flicks like 'Event Horizon' and, of course, the 'Resident Evil'movies based on the Capcom video games. Here he discusses the evolution of the franchise, 3D versus 2D and his upcoming 3D action period piece, 'The Three Musketeers.'

The 'Resident Evil' movies are interesting because the first one started out as a more straight horror movie like the video games, but the other ones have a different feeling to them. What made you decide to take it in a more science fiction direction?

There have always been a lot of science fiction elements in the original source material, in the Resident Evil games themselves. Even though the first game is set in a decaying gothic mansion, you discover beneath the gothic mansion is this high-tech research laboratory where something terrible has gone wrong, so it was a kind of mix of the science fiction and the gothic elements that really interested me in 'Resident Evil.' Then the games again, they have a lot of kind of high-tech weaponry in them, they have a lot of bio-engineering in them; that's all part of the, these science-fiction ideas are all part of the DNA of the video game so we were kind of staying true to the game in one regard. The reason why the movies changed and continue to change is that I personally believe that if a franchise is to survive and to grow, you can't just deliver the same movie over and over again.
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