With 'Sucker Punch' opening in just a few days, director Zack Snyder has been making the press rounds, meaning that he goes into a room to tell the world about his latest directorial effort and ends up dodging a whole bunch of 'Superman' questions. When you're taking on a character as iconic and troubled (at least when it comes to film adaptations) as Superman, it comes with the territory.

Latino Review, who've been breaking 'Superman' stories all over the place, have an excerpt from an upcoming interview with the slow motion-obsessed filmmaker. The parts where Snyder talks about his movie opening in three days will have to wait, because he provides a big 'ol update on the status of the mysterious new 'Superman' movie. Priorities! (Said with love, we assure you.)

You really should go read the whole interview for all of the interesting little details and tidbits, but here are the broad strokes: They're still in the midst of heavy pre-production, and they hope to get the cameras rolling by late summer. Viggo Mortensen, who had been tapped to play the villainous General Zod, will not be combating the Man of Steel because he'll be too busy romancing Kristen Stewart in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.
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