Because of advances in social media, most of us have experienced a friend request from someone we knew from our distant past, who we never really even talked to. Maybe we barely remember that person at all -- we certainly never counted them as a friend -- and we wonder just what in the world compelled them to seek us out (sometimes with cynical, dismissive suspicion). It's usually not just in the service of collecting as many digital friends as possible, and if we can look beyond the initial surprise of it, the real answer seems pretty plain.

Imagine all the people you've come across in your life that really impressed you or made an impact on you, despite your lack of a specific relationship with those people. Maybe one of your dad's buddies was so quick-witted that you never forgot him, even decades after the last time you laid eyes on him. What if a girl you went to elementary school with is still one of the most creative souls you've ever met? If those people exist for you, then you have to acknowledge that you may have made that kind of impact on other people. Those seemingly out-of-the-blue friend requests should be treated as compliments; they speak more about you than you might realize. 'The Catechism Cataclysm' recognizes this.