Look, let's face it: If at some point within the past year you decided to finally see what all the fuss was about and downloaded the Angry Birds app, chances are you were a full-fledged addict within two hours. It's OK, we can talk about it here. Share your stories with us -- cry on our shoulders dammit! We've been there, we know how it is -- damn that speedy yellow bird and the annoying tiny bird who splits into three meaningless tiny birds that never knock anything over!

OK, we're calming down. Breathe. Anyway, needless to say it's a damn addicting game that's taken the world by storm with its cute, colorful birds and ugly, villainous pigs. Those itching for new levels to tackle will be happy to learn that 20th Century Fox was smart enough to partner with AB creator Rovio on a new version of Angry Birds that mixes in characters from the upcoming animated film 'Rio.'

We scoped out the app last night, and it's not bad. They make you cough up 99 cents for it, but they've launched with two episodes featuring 60 levels, and have promised to keep tacking on more levels throughout 2011 (leading up to the eventual DVD/Blu-ray release, we presume).
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