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On March 22, 1976, director George Lucas began filming in the Tunisian desert for what would become a little film called 'Star Wars.' At the time, no one could have predicted the effect that the film, its sequels and prequels or the man himself would have on the landscape of film. Shortly after the film's release, Lucas ascended to some kind of cinematic godhood, earning the love of multiple generations of movie-watchers in the process.

But after developing a 35-year legacy, it seems the audience who grew up with his film-making has turned on him. It's more than just disliking a director because he made a few bad movies; there is a real sense of betrayal among viewers, who now speak his name like he is some kind of fallen figure in a Greek tragedy. But George Lucas didn't betray you; in fact, he didn't do anything wrong. The problem is not George Lucas, the real problem is you.