It's difficult for me to find interest in "women's films" or "chick flicks" unless the chicks in question are practicing martial arts, wielding machine guns or fighting zombies. But I was charmed by 'Small, Beautifully Moving Parts,' a portrait of a woman who generally prefers the company of technological items over humans until she becomes pregnant and ultimately decides to seek advice from her mother.

Sarah Sparks (Anna Margaret Hollyman) is a "freelance technologist" who loves taking things apart to examine all the components, as you might guess from the movie's title. Even when she is waiting for her pregnancy test to show its results, she admires the way the test is put together. She primarily communicates with people in an interview style, stopping folks in a park or on the street to ask their opinion about whatever question is on her mind at the moment. The exception is her husband Leon (Andre Holland), a supportive guy who is almost too good to be true and might make you envy Sarah just a bit.