There are some people who have to buy that delicious, golden bucket of popcorn each and every time they see a movie. Then, there are others who run from the 1,000-plus calories and gobs of saturated fat, opting to skip a snack entirely. Would you avoid these salty, fatty treats if the calorie content were staring you in the face at the concession stand? Cinema owners are worried you might and want to fight a proposed federal law that would require movie chains to post nutritional info for the prepared foods on their movie menu. The rule could be approved as early as Wednesday, according to the L.A. Times.

The FDA asked restaurant chains to post the nutritional content of their menu last year, and said they had every intention of doing the same to grocery stores and concession stands, particularly at movie theaters. That time has come, and members of the National Association of Theater Owners are peeved because they say it interferes with their business that has everything to do with what's on the screen and not in people's mouths. "We're not restaurants where people go to eat and satisfy themselves," said Gary Klein, the theater trade group's general counsel. "It's dinner and a movie, not dinner at a movie."
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