The 'Twilight' circus is coming to an end. Over the last few years, we've seen a lot. It started with a pale, lip-biting girl heading to rainsville and falling for a rude dude who's actually a vampire trying to quell his inner bloodlust. But then he went away for her protection and she got mixed up with a bunch of overly emotional werewolves who hate shirts ... until the bloodsucking beau came back and everything seemed peachy. Unfortunately, a vampire scorned decided to muck up the poor pale girl's graduation plans as she tried to get her chaste boyfriend to have sex. Now, with the red menace behind them, one would assume that Bella and Edward could live happily ever after.

But Stephenie Meyer wasn't done with the ridiculous after 'Eclipse,' and now Summit and Bill Condon are prepping the final, two-part insane-stravaganza, 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.' We're about to see beds obliterated during passionate nights, a young girl go through nine months of pregnancy in the blink of an eye and the most messed-up delivery scene ever crafted: teeth through placenta.

It doesn't sound like kids-type fare, and as Robert Pattinson told Entertainment Weekly, "I just can't see how it's going to be PG-13 ... unless they cut everything out."
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