If Will Gluck can turn 'The Scarlet Letter' into the pleasant surprise that was last year's 'Easy A,' then he might be able to transform a story about a guy who steals pieces of the moon for his girlfriend into another successful feature. While some are waiting to see what Gluck's summer comedy 'Friends With Benefits' has in store this July, Sony and producers are betting on the weirder tale, 'Sex on the Moon.' The story comes from author Ben Mezrich, who also penned 'The Accidental Billionaire' that David Fincher's 'Social Network' was based on.

Mezrich's novel -- which hits stores July 12 -- "tracks the wild escapades of 25-year-old NASA intern Thad Roberts, who in an effort to impress a girl orchestrated a plan to steal lunar rocks from the Johnson Space Center and sell them on the Internet." It's a quirky love story that seems right at home in Gluck's hands, especially after turning what could have been a dumb high school comedy into a smart, engaging little movie that made big bucks and showed the world what Emma Stone was capable of. Thanks to 'Easy A's' success, Gluck is in talks with the studio and 'The Social Network's' producers to helm the new book to screen adaptation.

Are you waiting to see if Gluck was a one-hit wonder when 'Friends With Benefits' releases this summer, or are you placing your bets on 'Sex on the Moon's' stranger story?
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