Though 'The Amazing Spider-Man' won't hit theaters until Summer 2012, that's not stopping Columbia Pictures from moving forward on a sequel as soon as possible. James Vanderbilt, who was originally brought on to write 'Spider-Man 4' before taking his character-driven story ideas to 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' will remain onboard for the follow-up.

Vanderbilt has thrown several ideas at the studio as far back as the Sam Raimi version of 'Spider-Man 4,' some of which included multi-film arcs. It's not a huge leap to assume they're not just taking this one story at a time, but rebooting the series with a story that will span multiple movies. While THR points out that Vanderbilt came in and pitched them his take on the sequel, chances are the nuts and bolts of the story were worked out prior to 'The Amazing Spider-Man' beginning production.

No word as of now on where the sequel's story will take Peter Parker, or which characters from the Spider-Man mythology will make an appearance. It's comforting to see the same writer involved in the first two movies since they'll logically feel more cohesive, however if that first 'Spider-Man' doesn't work, we could have a long road ahead of us.

'The Amazing Spider-Man' hits theaters (in 3D!) on July 3rd, 2012.