Cinematical is excited to premiere this brand new poster for the film 'Miral,' directed by Julian Schnabel ('The Diving Bell and the Butterfly'), based on the semi-autobiographical story of Rula Jebreal. The film, which is due out in limited release today, centers on an orphaned Palestinian girl (played by 'Slumdog Millionaire' star Freida Pinto) who finds herself drawn into the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict.

Because the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is tricky and controversial no matter how you cover it, -- and also because 'Miral' is told through the lives of Palestinian women --the American Jewish Committee (AJC) recently protested the film's premiere at the UN claiming its one-sided and portrays Israel in a very negative light. Schnabel, who's Jewish, responded with this statement: "I love the State of Israel. I believe in it, and my film is about preserving it, not hurting it. Understanding is part of the Jewish way and Jewish people are supposed to be good listeners. But, if we don't listen to the other side, we can never have peace. Instead of saying 'no,' I ask the AJC to say, 'yes,' see Miral and join the discussion."

You can join the discussion as well. Check your local listings to see if 'Miral' is playing at a theater near you this weekend, and find out more about the film over at its official website. Check out the full poster -- with its take-a-stand tagline, 'Make Films, Not War' -- after the jump.
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