With Jennifer Lawrence a lock, Lionsgate is moving ahead with the casting of the male leads for the big screen adaptation of 'The Hunger Games.' Even before director Gary Ross had his Katniss, we were swimming in talk of who's reading for the roles of Peeta and Gale, which at this point feels like nearly every hot young actor in Hollywood. Well, now, according to THR's "insiders," the selection has narrowed because testing for the role of Katniss' Hunger Games co-Tribute, Peeta, happened today and they've got the list of guys who are in contention.

First off, there are the much-talked-about potentials, Josh Hutcherson, Lucas Till and Hunter Parrish. While Hutcherson has been a personal top choice since the start, with Lawrence leading as Katniss, he's feeling far less like a proper fit. The same goes for Till just in terms of looks alone; they may both be 20-years-old, but Till has a far younger look. Parrish, on the other hand, could be a winner visually and talent-wise.

But that's not all we're working with anymore; we've got some new names to toss into the mix.
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