Drew McWeeny of HitFix contributed a series of columns about the essential titles that any film fan ought to be familiar with, and I used to respond with my own thoughts in a timely manner. However, I've been working on this entry of The Basics since August of 2010, so it's fair to say that it will be my last post as part of the series... in addition to serving as my last post as part of the Cinematical staff.

I imagine that you have some questions.

If you're wondering what "The Basics" is, I implore you to go back and read that preface again, if not the four posts preceding this one. If you're wondering where "The Basics" went, well, it went on my back burner for far too long. If you're wondering where "The Basics" is going, keep your eyes on Drew's own corner of the internet, as he intends to bring the series back, and soon.

In the meantime, I recommend checking out Jacob Hall's like-minded column here, "Where Everyone Has Gone Before." This whippersnapper's been writing circles around me for a while now, and I encourage you all to continue reading his work...

But not before you finish reading mine, damn it.
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