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Empowerment is the act of giving power and authority -- the right to control, command and determine. In the realm of women's issues, empowerment is the persuasive force reminding women of their strength and potential. Empowered women exercise authority, and when they face a troubling, misogynistic world, empowered women fight back.

The women of Zack Snyder's 'Sucker Punch' are not empowered.

Though they are given vicious snarls, swords and guns, the leading ladies of Snyder's latest are nothing more than cinematic figures of enslavement given only the most minimal fight. Their rebellion is one of imaginative whimsy in a heavily misogynistic world that is barely questioned or truly challenged. Instead of empowering their female brethren, the women of 'Sucker Punch' work as warriors protecting the male gaze and male authority.
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