Before you look at the pictures linked in this post, take a second to tilt your head downward and look directly below you. If there is anything sharp or pointing, do move it out of the way, because your jaw is about to hit the floor thanks to the wonderful art of a one Lance Cardinal.

Lance, a freelance Set Designer, among many other things, was a big fan of a series of elaborate Muppet Show-themed play sets the Palisades toy company released years ago. However, an unfortunate bankruptcy meant that Palisades couldn't complete their toy line. So, instead of simply complaining about the loss of his most anticipated product in the line, Lance decided to just build a Muppet Theatre Backstage Play Set himself. The results are bliss.

It may not have a ton to do with movies (though there is a new Muppet film on the horizon) or cinema as an art form, but we just couldn't stop ourselves from sharing it with you. This level of fan dedication, the respect and admiration for other artists in the world, the sheer attention to detail on display-- it's just beautiful. We've included a few images from Lance's gallery below, but please do head over to his site to see the entire set.
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