Looks like the latest issue of Empire Magazine is doing a big, splashy preview of 'X-Men: First Class,' featuring new images of the film's major characters like Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Azazel (Jason Flemyng), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Professor X (James McAvoy) and Emma Frost (January Jones) ... in her underwear.

These scans come from Obsessed With Film (see one more after the jump), who've snagged a look at the mag before the images arrive online. A closer look at the feature reveals news that Fox is actively working on a two-film story arc for 'X-Men 4' and 'X-Men 5.' The rushed production has been the biggest story so far surrounding 20th Century Fox's latest mutant movie, and that combined with the recent news that Darren Aronofsky vacated directorial duties on 'The Wolverine' hasn't inspired too much positive X-Men-related buzz around the water cooler.

Still, though, the first trailer for 'X-Men: First Class' was impressive (watch it after the jump), and Vaughn ('Kick-Ass') is definitely a director capable of delivering an entertaining action movie. This prequel, which follows the early-goings of Professor Charles Xavier and Erik (Magneto) Lehnsherr, boasts a unique cast and, if successful, could help re-launch the 'X-Men' franchise for Fox. The film hits theaters on June 3; what are your thoughts so far on 'X-Men: First Class?' Is it working for you, or not so much?
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X-Men: First Class
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