The Ten Commandments

Every week, we sift through all the new Blu-ray releases and single out the "must see" titles. Look for the column every Monday. This week: An avalanche of goodness (vote in our poll to find your fave), but we're spotlighting a disintegrating dancer and a classic riff on the Bible.

Our Top 5 Picks for This Week: What to Buy or Rent

1. 'Black Swan.' Natalie Portman deservedly won an Academy Award for her dramatic turn as a dancer cracking up under the strain of her first starring performance. New to home video. Buy.

2. 'The Ten Commandments.' Cecil B. DeMille's occasionally reverent version of the Biblical Exodus is anchored by Charlton Heston as a reluctant Moses. DVD upgrade. Buy.

3. 'Dogtooth.' From Greece comes a surprising, twisted family drama, "a patently surreal situation" that our reviewer found "darkly amusing." New to home video. Rent.

4. 'The Times of Harvey Milk.' Robert Epstein's documentary examines the life and death of San Francisco's first openly gay politician. DVD upgrade. Rent.

5. 'Soylent Green.' Charlton Heston, again teamed with Edward G. Robinson, this time as a cop in an overpopulated world groaning from the weight of all those people. DVD upgrade. Rent.
The Ten Commandments
In Theaters on October 5th, 1956

Raised as an Egyptian prince, Moses discovers his Hebrew heritage and vows to free his people. Read More

Black Swan
Based on 42 critics

A ballerina's grip on reality begins to slip as her drive to succeed threatens to consume her. Read More