We've been throwing you updates on that 'Back to the Future' game for months now, especially as each new episode is released by TellTale Games. They've just released the third episode in the five-game monthly series (to PC and MAC), and it's unique in that the folks at TellTale managed to convince the original Jennifer Parker (Claudia Wells) to return to the franchise to play Jennifer, this time in voice-over form.

In this particular episode, Marty returns to an alternate version of the 1980s where Jennifer is some Joan Jett–inspired punk rocker with a jaded attitude. The folks from TellTale released a behind-the-scenes video showing us how they convinced Wells to return (watch it after the jump), and in it Wells -- who, you'll notice, is kinda looking more like the big-breasted Lorraine from 'Back to the Future II' than the old Jennifer -- also talks about how excited she is to return to the character she's known for.

In our opinion, Wells may be a touch old to be voicing a teenager (and you get a sense of that in the video), but it's still pretty cool that they brought her back into the fold. Watch the video after the jump, and you can grab a new video from TellTale's 'Jurassic Park' game here.
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