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We've all heard the news by now that 'GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra' is getting a sequel soon, but you don't have to wait another year for another GI Joe movie. There's a new feature-length documentary, 'Code Name: Blast Off,' that covers Hasbro's insanely successful GI Joe re-branding effort of 1982, turning the unassuming military doll into a bonafide larger-than-life franchise.

The film was created by Tristan Rudat, filmmaker and son of Hasbro designer Ron Rudat who visually spearheaded the GI Joe line from its ground-breaking heyday of 1982 till 1987. 'Code Name: Blast Off' (previously titled Operation Blast Off') tells the story of the re-branding effort through first-hand interviews with the artists, writers, and designers, as well as archival photos and art. Their effort just plain worked -- the revitalized, more super-heroic Joes have seen an incredible amount of longevity, existing in one form or another for over 25 years.

You can see the 'Code Name: Blast Off' trailer after the jump, as well as our exclusive interview with Tristan Rudat. He even gave us a little something extra for the hardcore GI Joe fans at the end of the interview...