After a successful Directors Series two years ago in which we interviewed several directors about their favorite summer movies, we've decided to return this year with another Directors Series called 'Their First Time.' Throughout 2011 we'll be chatting up several directors about the films they have coming out, but we'll also be reserving some space for separate interviews specifically tailored to their earliest memories of watching movies, making movies, discussing movies and so on.

So no, sadly this will not be an interview series that highlights embarrassing stories about directors losing their virginity. That's next year (maybe). One of the things we love doing is reading interviews with filmmakers where they talk about what first inspired them, and where their love of films originated from. It's also great to learn about their first rejection, or first time on the set of a movie. The first person in Hollywood who ever gave them advice, or the first film they watched on the big screen.

The series begins this week when we launch our interview with Duncan Jones, who directed 'Source Code' (in theaters Friday). Look for more throughout the year, and let us know if there are any additional questions you'd like us to add to further installments. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.
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