Agatha Christie must be turning over in her grave. The reason: Disney has acquired the movie rights to elderly detective Miss Marple, with Jennifer Garner starring in and producing the first film adaptation, which will not only have the age of amateur detective Marple brought down but will make the story contemporary. Miss Marple first appeared in books in 1927 and first appeared on screen in 1961 in 'Murder, She Said,' portrayed by Margaret Rutherford, who was 70. So now we'll get to see a young Miss Marple -- in a bikini? [The Hollywood Reporter / Variety]

There's turmoil over at Paramount surrounding the reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise. According to Deadline, the studio has scrapped a tentative plan for Chris Pine to star as the Tom Clancy hero before he reprises his James T. Kirk role in a 'Star Trek' sequel. This comes after Steven Zaillian, who was to rewrite the script, backed out, leaving the studio scrambling for new writers (Zaillian wrote the 1994 Ryan film 'Clear and Present Danger' and did uncredited rewrite work on 'Patriot Games'). TV director Jack Bender ('Lost,' 'Alias') is still scheduled to direct.
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