With director Duncan Jones preparing to make his debut in the world of big-budget Hollywood production with his upcoming film 'Source Code,' why not take a look back at the little indie that got him here? Just about two years ago, Jones showed off his writing and directorial chops with his very first feature, 'Moon.' The film only pulled in about $9.8 million at the worldwide box office on a supposed $5 million budget, but made enough of an impression on critics, moviegoers and the folks over at Summit Entertainment, to secure Jones another gig.

'Moon' stars Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, an employee of Lunar Industries wrapping up a three-year contract harvesting helium-3 on the moon. The gig is a one-man operation, so Sam is by his lonesome except for the base's computer host, GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey). As Sam readies himself to call it quits in outer space and head home to reunite with his beautiful wife and child on earth, some strange occurrences divert his attentions.
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