Not long ago there was a bit of a hubbub surrounding comments that Tara Reid made concerning the possibility of a 'Big Lebowski 2.' She alluded to the fact that it's happening this year -- and that she'd be in it -- but then was pretty hilariously put in her place when Ethan Coen responded to the rumor by noting, "I'm glad she's working on it."

And so was the end of The Tara Reid 'Big Lebowski 2' Debacle of 2011 ... that is, until now. Never one to let a comical situation go unscathed, the folks from Funny or Die convinced Tara Reid to star in a spoof trailer for 'The Big Lebowski 2,' with Reid playing every character. Our take: Hey, kudos to Reid for making this pretty damn funny.

Things that have changed in the sequel include someone swiping The Dude's sofa instead of his rug; Walter converting to Buddhism; and, in place of Jesus, we get Mohammed. If this video proves anything (besides the fact that we really don't need another 'Big Lebowski') it's that there's definitely a place for Tara Reid in Hollywood -- you just need to get a little creative.

Watch the trailer after the jump.
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