'The Tree of Life,' the Brad Pitt and Terence Malick collaboration, has a spiffy new poster full of clickable images. Check it out to the right and see it in full at IMDB.

The adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's 'The Rum Diary,' starring Johnny Depp, has finally secured a release date of October 28th, 2011. FilmDistrict will distribute. Aaron Eckhart, Amber Heard, Michael Rispoli, Richard Jenkins and Giovanni Ribisi also star.

A cinematic trip down to 'Fraggle Rock' is still in limbo. Director Cory Edwards says the ball is in The Weinstein Company's court and that he hasn't heard from them in over a year. Not a good sign...

The big-screen version of Kevin Grievoux's graphic novel 'I, Frankenstein' now has a writer and director in the form of Stuart Beattie. The Australian filmmaker will adapt the tale, wherein Frankenstein's monster protects the modern world from a host of supernatural menaces.

What's this, an honest film executive? Jeff Robinov admits the first 'Green Lantern' trailer sucked and says Warners is working hard to get the new trailer (which is slated to appear in front of 'Thor') right.
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The Tree of Life
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Green Lantern
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