If you were one of those people watching 'TRON: Legacy' wondering what Cillian Murphy was doing there in such a minor, uncredited role, we're getting closer to an official answer. Speculators presumed immediately that Murphy, who appears early on during the ENCOM boardroom scene but is never brought back into the story, was holding his place for 'TRON 3,' for which he'd be the villain.

This makes sense given that he's named as Edward Dillinger, making him the son of the original 'TRON' villain of the same name (played by David Warner), and of course Murphy is often a bad guy these days. Now we get the next hint that Murphy's Junior Dillinger will be back for the next sequel: an Easter egg on the 'TRON: Legacy' Blu-ray (out next Tuesday). The following video features a conversation between the two Dillingers, including a vocal reprisal from Warner: