"Making movies is not nearly as hard as getting the opportunity to make a movie."
-- Duncan Jones

Welcome to the first installment of our 2011 Directors Series, featuring 'Source Code' director Duncan Jones. For more info on this year's Directors Series, see our inaugural post, but essentially this will be a series of themed discussions with some of the directors who have films arriving in theaters this year.

Our 2011 series theme is 'Their First Time,' which sounds a little racy at first (and it may go there eventually -- wink, wink), but for now we'll be focusing on each director's earliest memories of watching movies, making movies and so much more. We wanted to launch this series with Duncan Jones because he's a fascinating success story. From shooting dating show advertisements to launching his feature film career with an amazing movie called 'Moon' to parlaying that into a big-studio gig helming one of the year's most entertaining films, Jones is the very definition of an emerging artist, and he's right on the cusp of becoming a household name, not to mention the guy you definitely want directing all different kinds of movies for years to come.

For more on 'Source Code,' check out our video interview with Jones from SXSW. And before (or after) you check out the film in theaters this Friday (read our review), head after the jump to learn a little more about Jones' journey to the big screen.
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Source Code
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