No huge surprises in this announcement, but those who've been itching for some sort of 'Monsters, Inc.' follow-up will be jazzed to know that, yes, it's still happening and, yes, it's arriving in theaters in 2012. Oh, and its new title is 'Monsters University.'

As previously rumored, the animated sequel will instead be a prequel that tracks the origins of Mike and Sully's relationship all the way back to their time at the University of Fear, where at first they were enemies before becoming the bestest of friends. Casting hasn't been confirmed, though it's likely Billy Crystal and John Goodman will return to voice Mike and Sully, respectively.

Knowing Pixar, they'll add a whole new set of monster characters, while bringing on some fun talent to voice those characters. It's a great idea, really, to go with the college angle because they've mined all the professional monster jokes and now they can go 'Police Academy'-style with tons of monsters-in-training jokes. The classes, the exercises, the obnoxious teachers -- since the first one was so clever in its storytelling and execution, we hope the folks at Pixar really spread out their imagination wings with this one.

Sure, it's another sequel (or in this case prequel), but 2012 is also giving us an original Pixar movie in 'Brave,' so as long as they mix originals in there with the sequels and prequels, we won't complain as much. Thoughts on 'Monsters University?'
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