U.K. comedian Russell Brand has not one but two new movies out next month: the animated Easter feature 'Hop' and the comedic remake 'Arthur.'

Brand is a funny guy, sure. He came over to America with balls of steel, insulting our pop stars (Jonas Brothers) and then marrying one (Katy Perry). Say what you will about his controversial hosting job at the 2008 VMAs or his explicit drug-fueled tell-all 'My Booky Wook' or his past troubles with sex addiction, but Brand has undeniable comedic presence.

But Brand is slowly becoming a little too ubiquitous in America; where there was once a devilish scene-stealer there's now someone whose face we're kind of tired of seeing.

Why is Brand the mouthpiece for British comedy in the States right now? Here are 15 U.K. comedians who are funnier -- but far less famous in the U.S. -- than Russell Brand.