Not long ago, NBC released the first official image of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. David E. Kelley (of 'Doogie Howser' fame) wrote the pilot, and though it's not guaranteed to survive past the pilot stage, fans of the DC superhero are just excited to see someone finally doing something with the character, instead of more mindless chatter about some mysterious script maybe being written.

Problems quickly arose, however, when pretty much everyone immediately crapped all over the new Wonder Woman look, saying the costume was too shiny, looked more like a Sexy Wonder Woman Halloween costume than a legit, badass superhero get-up and, well, a bit much on the red lipstick, no? Wonder Woman is fighting criminals, not giving them lap dances.

Anyway, some new images have surfaced of Palicki on set, and look at what we have here -- they've changed the costume! Yup, the blue high-heel boots are now flat-bottom red boots, and her pants are no longer shiny and plastic-looking, but a muted navy blue. And the super-duper-red lipstick? Um, what lipstick?!

Check out a larger comparison image after the jump. Does this work for you now?
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