What will Justin Bieber be like at 30? Many reportedly think he'll be in rehab by then, but those are some depressingly cynical Americans. Hollywood sees him more as evolving into the Ashton Kutcher type, at least in terms of his appearance and who could play him at twice his present age. According to the L.A. Times, the pop star and the comedic actor are expected to collaborate for the non-musical movie 'What Would Kenny Do?' about a guy who travels in time to guide his awkward 17-year-old self through high school.

Sounds kind of like '17 Again' meets 'Hitch' meets elements of 'Back to the Future,' but will it have the same appeal for Bieber fans that his recent (underrated) documentary 'Never Say Never' had if it's only going to showcase his acting rather than his singing and slow-motion hair-swishing? That doc is currently the highest-grossing concert film of all time, by the way, and domestically took in about the same as Kutcher's latest, 'No Strings Attached.' Also, due to Bieber's busy schedule, 'Kenny' won't go before cameras for another year. Will Bieber Fever be cured by then?