Chances are pretty good that you've never seen a film quite like 'Essential Killing.' The new movie, written and directed by seasoned Polish filmmaker Jerzy Skolimowski, follows an escaped war prisoner, played by Vincent Gallo, struggling to survive in the snowy European wilderness as he's being chased by American soldiers.

The film is intentionally ambiguous –- we never find out exactly where the hero, Mohammed, was captured or what his ethnicity is. Skolimowski painstakingly crafted the script to avoid the need for dialogue, which would have given away Mohammed's affiliation. After being forced out of Poland in the '60s following his film 'Hands Up,' (which had anti-Stalinist themes) Skolimowski has steadfastly avoided any political themes in his films ever since.

We caught up with Skolimowski to chat about everything from the secret CIA camps that popped up near his home to why he cast Gallo to what it was like working with Emmaneulle Seigner, the wife of his good friend Roman Polanski.