According to ONN, a freak accident in Hollywood has lead to the distribution of 34 Katherine Heigl movies in one week. The overwhelming amount of crappy romantic comedies and dramedies in one week was a bit too much for the American moviegoer, forcing FEMA to set up triage locations across the country to help combat the widespread outbreak of self-blinding, among other horrific sicknesses. FEMA has already started a Katherine Heigl detox program by handing out copies of the 'No Country for Old Men' DVD to those in desperate need of quality content.

Speaking out about the whole messy affair, Katherine Heigl told reporters the following: "This is absolutely tragic. Believe me, no one recognizes how terrible and grating I am more than me. I have to live with it all day, every day."

Get caught up on the latest -- and find out how you can protect yourself from a Katherine Heigl film -- by watching the ONN news report after the jump.
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