As much as we'd all love to see Pete Docter ('Monsters, Inc.', 'Up') return to the franchise he helped launch, that doesn't look to be the case here. Coming Soon reports that Dan Scanlon has been chosen to direct the 'Monsters, Inc.' prequel, 'Monsters University.' The interesting thing about Scanlon is that aside from working as a story artist on 'Cars' and 'Toy Story 3,' he also directed one of those 'Cars' shorts, 'Mater and the Ghostlight,' not to mention he was a producer on 'Up' and 'Mater's Tall Tales.'

We mention this because, like they did with 'Cars,' and are currently doing with 'Toy Story,' it seems as if Pixar is readying it so that they can also create a variety of short films set inside the 'Monsters, Inc.' world. Chances are those shorts are already mapped out, and are probably being developed alongside the feature (this way they can more easily access the same voice talent).

There was a reason Pixar expanded to Vancouver, and it was so they could produce more content each year, beginning with shorts. And there's no better way to sell people on watching (and buying) short films than to have them include characters with huge built-in fanbases. It's a smart move, and as long as the writing remains sharp it's tough not to welcome the additional Pixar content.

'Monsters University' is set to hit theaters (in both 3D and 2D) on November 2, 2012.
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