If we've learned anything from years of watching MTV's 'Cribs,' it's that you haven't really made it as a rich and famous young celebrity until you own a copy of Brian De Palma's 1982 gangster epic 'Scarface' on DVD. Showing it to the 'Cribs' camera crew (bonus points if you do it while standing in front of some 'Scarface' poster or a velvet painting of Al Pacino burying his face in a mountain of cocaine while doing it) is like a rite of passage. It proves you've made it as a pampered celeb, but you can still handle your biz should the sh*t go down ... or something.

That being said, the next generation of wannabe gangsters/celebrities in the making is gonna have to step their game up to be taken seriously. No longer will just any old 'Scarface' disc prove your street cred. If you really want the world to know what a baller you are, you're gonna need the newly announced 30th Anniversary Limited Edition release of 'Scarface.' That bad boy isn't coming cheap, either. Universal has set the price at $999.99.

Hit the jump to find out why this disc is fetching more than the original Criterion version of Pasolini's 'Salo: The 120 Days of Sodom.'
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June 10, 2018
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