Pioneering science-fiction writer H.G. Wells popularized time travel as a fictional plot device with his 1895 novel, 'The Time Machine.' Wells' novel contained the plot and character elements that would appear and reappear in countless science-fiction novels, novellas, short stories, and, later, in film and television. Time travel became a go-to plot device on several '60s TV shows, including 'The Twilight Zone,''The Outer Limits,' the aptly named 'The Time Tunnel,' and 'Star Trek: The Original Series.'

This Cinematical Seven, however, will focus primarily on key films in the time travel genre, beginning with the 1960 release of über-producer George Pal's adaptation of Wells' novel, stopping along the way to briefly discuss everyone's favorite time-travel comedy-adventure, 'Back to the Future,' multiple entries in the 'Terminator' and 'Star Trek' film franchises and ending (for now anyway) with Tony Scott's 'Déjà vu.'