Next summer's highly anticipated 'The Dark Knight Rises' could be in quite a bit of trouble.

According to recent reports, writer/director Christopher Nolan ('Insomnia'), who revived the Batman franchise in 2005 with 'Batman Begins' and followed it in 2008 with the worldwide smash 'The Dark Knight,' may remove himself from the concluding piece of the trilogy owing to production and budget conflicts with Warner Bros., which is producing the film.

Nolan, coming off last summer's blockbuster 'Inception,' has apparently packed so much action into his 'TDKR' script that the budget has ballooned to over $430 million, which would surpass 'Avatar' and make it the most expensive film ever made.

A Nolan confidante dropped this (rather-biased) tidbit: "'The Dark Knight' made a billion. 'Avatar' made twice that. It's just nuts that Warners wouldn't give him carte blanche on this."
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