At CinemaCon, the Las Vegas film convention for theater owners and distributors (formerly known as ShoWest), most of the people in the audience were industry folk more interested in dollar signs than anything else, but for journalists who still believe in having fun at the movies, there were several promising, even gasp-inducing teasers that reminded us that an integral part of the theatrical experience -- aside from the projection and concession stands -- were the movies themselves.

We caught exclusive new glimpses of 'Super 8,' 'Thor,' 'Puss in Boots,' 'Kung Fu Panda 2,' and even prestigious non-summer fare, like Steven Spielberg's World War I-era 'War Horse' and a potentially-Oscar-nominated Nick Nolte in 'Warrior.'

What are we most intrigued with? Read on for our recap of what got our pulses racing.
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