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'Tyrannosaur' Review: Like a Boot to the Head
Jenni Miller reviews Paddy Considine's film, noting: "While the film moves towards a sort of higher meaning about damaged people finding solace in each other or some such mumbo-jumbo, the ending feels like an empty coda meant to placate the viewer."

'Hop' Review: The Easter Bunny Lays an Egg
Eric D. Snider wasn't thrilled with 'Hop,' and noted the flick's faulty history: "it's probably good that the current Easter Bunny is about to retire (or die?), as he doesn't seem to grasp some of the fundamentals of the holiday he represents. He is mystified at not being beloved in China, evidently unaware that Easter is a Christian observance and the vast majority of Chinese are not Christian. He also tries to appeal to E.B.'s sense of duty by reminding him of the Easter Bunny's 'four thousand years of tradition' -- which means they started delivering candy and eggs to commemorate the resurrection of Christ some two thousand years before the birth of Christ, which demonstrates remarkable foresight."

Plus past film fest reviews:

'Super' offers up satire "with a good deal of vim, vigor, and uniquely twisted jokes." [Scott Weinberg]

'Source Code' is "not nearly as original as his first film, but it is the next best thing to unique: it's two or three familiar ideas tossed into a blender, whipped into a tasty concoction, and delivered with a great deal of style and confidence." [S. Weinberg]

'Insidious' "dares to be different, and that's enough to forgive it some of its tonal indiscretions." [Joe Utichi]
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