We probably don't promote our Twitter feed as much as we should on Cinematical (we're too busy writing up stories!), but needless to say we're very proud of the 21,000-plus community we've built up around our Twitter feed, which alerts readers to all of the posts we house on the site each day, breaks news before it lands on Cinematical, and is also used for some fun, lively real-time discussions and debates.

Because of all the hard work we as a team put into making it the greatest movies-related Twitter feed in the history of the internet, it's rewarding when someone else notices. Our friend Melissa Silverstein over at Women and Hollywood pointed out today that Cinematical was among those on The Times of London's 100 Greatest Arts Tweeters. We're listed at number 40, ahead of folks like Michael Caine, Charlie Sheen, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, to name a few.

The post is unfortunately behind a paywall, but we've posted the film-related feeds (courtesy of Women and Hollywood) after the jump. OH, and follow us on Twitter @Cinematical.
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