Criterion Corner is a Cinematical column dedicated to the wonderful world of the Criterion Collection, running twice at the end of each month -- once for new reviews and once for Criterion commentary.

Criterion spent March doing some much-needed spring cleaning. After years of waiting, Mike Leigh's smashing 'Topsy-Turvy' was finally outfitted with a spine number to call its own, Criterion claimed another pivotal documentary with Rob Epstein's moving portrait 'The Times of Harvey Milk,' and under-appreciated Japanese auteur Mikio Naruse enjoyed a valuable (if not particularly exciting) Eclipse box set of his most illuminating silent works. On top of all that gooey goodness -- releases as inevitable as they are essential -- Criterion also served up glorious Blu-ray reissues for one of the greatest films ever made about childhood, and one of the greatest films ever made to so much as include childhood.

So let's dig a little deeper, shall we?
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