While the world's desperate cries for more sequels to 'The Santa Clause' go unanswered, Universal Pictures brings us the next best thing: the same basic concept, changed to the Easter Bunny, mixed with 'Alvin and the Chipmunks,' and executed without distinction. This is 'Hop,' a forgettable family comedy -- live-action save for the animated talking animals -- that will be tossed out in a few weeks with the plastic Easter-basket grass.

Since there isn't nearly as much lore built up around the Easter Bunny as there is Santa Claus, 'Hop' is free to invent some. (By which I mean 'Hop' uses the Santa Claus mythology as a starting point and alters the details. They've got the Easter Bunny riding around on an "egg sleigh," for crying out loud.) The current Easter Bunny, voiced by Hugh Laurie, is about to retire (or die? It is not clear), and has appointed his son to be his successor. This son, conveniently named E.B., is voiced by Russell Brand, and is carefree and irresponsible. He does not want to be the Easter Bunny. He wants to be a drummer for a rock band. To that end, he runs off to Los Angeles to seek his fortune.