Today, in 1976, the massive cult following for 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' was born. Midnight showings began at NYC's Waverly Theatre on April 1, 1976, with people dressing up in character and acting out the events of the movie live on stage with 'Rocky Horror' playing behind them.

'Rocky Horror' midnight runs are such an event that the word "fun" doesn't even begin to cover it. Fans putting so much effort into looking sexed up and spectacular and signing and dancing along to the 'Time Warp' doesn't exactly hurt. If it's your first time there, don't be shy about getting de-virginized on stage. It's all part of the experience.

Check out these photos from people who've been to 'Rocky Horror' midnight showings -- and even from some people who have been in them. And then, for Frank's sake, grab some friends and go to a midnight showing near you!
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