Last month, the Internet was atwitter with the news that Shane Black -- the man who gave us the screenplay for movies like 'Lethal Weapon' and 'The Last Boy Scout' -- would be writing and directing 'Iron Man 3' for Marvel Comics. Not so fast, says Deadline New York.

The website broke exclusive news that the comics giant has tapped Drew Pearce to craft the story for Tony Stark's third cinematic adventure. Pearce is also writing the screen adaptation of 'Runaways,' a popular Brian K. Vaughn series about the children of supervillains who try to erase their parents' legacy of evil by using their powers for good.

Sources say that Pearce is "in talks" to write the script, which he would pen from scratch. What does this mean for Shane Black? Black, who's better known for his screenplays than as a director (although his directorial debut, 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' is quite good), will reportedly work closely with Pearce as the screenplay evolves.
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